Please meet brothers, Prince and Spot. They are 5 years of age. Both are Neutered, flea treated and vaccinated. Both are very human friendly. Both stay clean in the home and use a litter tray. Prince and Spot are fine with children, but they do not like dogs, as they scare them. They like to have dry biscuits down through the day to nibble on. Also they have half a can of jelly or gravy morning and night time. These 2 do love cuddles and kisses.

This lovely duo are Felix and Rocky. Felix is 2 years of age, he is neutered and vaccinated as well as worm and flea treated. He is clean in the home and uses a litter tray. He loves to snuggle up to his mate, Rocky. Rocky is 18 months old. He is vaccinated and just waiting on the vets to get him neutered. Both are indoor/outdoor cats. Both would be fine ith a cat friendly dog. Ok with children that do not pull them about or want to pick them up all the time. Both clean in the home.

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