These 2 lovely senior cats are looking for adoption please.

Please meet Evie and Smokey.

Evie is 12 years old and once she gets used to you loves her cuddles and a fuss being made of her. She will follow you around the house and wants to be where you are. She is energetic and enjoys playing like a kitten.

Smokey is 14 years old and is a darling. She likes the quiet life but also enjoys cuddles on her own terms. She has a great appetite. Just loves her food.

Both of these lovely cats are clean in the home and use a litter tray. They love to play about and then an afternoon siesta.

Both are happy as house cats but they love to explore the garden and neighbourhood too. Evie does not like loud noises so a quiet environment is best for them both.

Both of them like to eat a mix of Applaws wet food and Iams Hairball Control dry kibble.

Both are spayed, and Chipped.