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Meet biscuit.. Biscuit is a torte cat and she is 4 years of age.  She is a  house cat and human friendly, biscuit will sit all day and be stroked, she loves children, but she is a no to dogs as dogs, as she is scared them. She is litter trained and stay clean in the home. She likes to eat whiskas wet food of 1 pouch  a day and biscuits that are left out for the day and night. Biscuit has been spayed on the 23rd Dec 2021.

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Cookie is a black and white 5 year old female cat. She has been spayed on the 23rd Dec 2021 Cookie would suit a home with no other cats if possible. She can be timid at first, but does warm up to you, once she has got to know you. So don’t panic if she hides away for the first day or so.

Cookie is litter trained and stays clean in the home, she does like to play on a cat scratching post. She likes to eat whiskas wet food and some biscuits that are down through the day and night.

Cookie is fine with children that wont pull her about, but she is a no no with dogs.



Meet Cookie. Cookie a 3 year old torte cat.

She is a small cat with a great personality. She will be shy at first and most probably hide away, but once she gets to know you, she will come for human affection. She maybe shy away from boistrous children, but if the are kind to her, she will show affection too.

Cookie has never bitten anyone, but, she may scratch when being put in a cat carrier, she does not like those things..

Cookie is litter trained, and stays clean in the home, she loves her food of wet and dry, and also likes to play with toys.

She is spayed and Microchipped, of which the chip number will be transfered to the new owner of Cookie. She will also come with 5 weeks insurance.