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Blossom and Lucky are a bonded pair of cats, Mum and Son. Blossom is about 7 years of age. She is a Devon Rex cat, She Is super human friendly, and love loads of fuss. Blossom is spayed and Chipped as well as worm and flea treated. She uses a litter tray and stays clean in the home.

Lucky is a very big Tabby boy, He is 5 years of age. He is neutered, and chipped, he is a big softy too and loves loads of fuss and enjoys being brushed. He also is clean in the home and uses a hooded litter tray. Loves his food and very human friendly.

Both are clean in the home and use a litter tray and love their food.

Polly and Molly would like to be adopted together. Polly is a tabby and white girl, spayed, 5 years old. Total scardy cat, but she loves to sit on the highest shelf she can find or hide in a cosy quiet spot. Polly is spayed, worm and flea treated as well as chipped. Molly is a grey/mink girl, 5 years old, spayed and chipped. Timid but a bit more confident than Polly. She also climbs and hides but comes out exploring when everything is quiet. At the moment they’re on Felix wet food 3x 1/2 pouch each per day plus go cat dry biscuits. They like Dreamie’s treats too.
They use a hooded litter tray with litter covered in newspaper