Hi, we are Blossom and Lucky, we are mother and son and would love to be adopted together.

Blossom is about 7 years old. She's a Devon Rex, mink colouring with characteristic thin, soft, crimped hair. She's ultra friendly, loves fuss and has a big personality. She's very vocal, especially when you're getting her food ready or she can hear the treats packet 😸. She will need to be an indoor cat and kept in a warm home due to her thin Rex hair, her favourite places to sleep are in her igloo or on her human's pillow! She also gets lonely if left on her own too long. Blossom is very attached to Lucky and they snuggle regularly so it would be ideal if they can stay together.

Lucky is a big tabby boy, neutered and 5 years old. He's a softie and loves fusses and he never seems to get cross. He is a mummy’s boy and a little timid, he takes a while to get to know new humans. He likes sitting in the window or on a shelf where he can supervise any activity.


Blossom and Lucky are clean and use a hooded litter tray. Both are wormed, flea treated, microchipped and neutered. They like both wet and dry food and love Dreamies treats 😻 Blossom and Lucky often swap food bowls during meals, just in case the other one has nicer food

Lucky is looking for her forever home. Lucky is 6 years of age and a beautiful black cat.  Lucky is spayed, loves her food and is litter trained. Lucky is also microchipped, very human friendly. Loves to be close to you.

Lola, is only 1 year of age, So she is still a baby. Lola will be spayed on the 3rd March. She too, loves her food and is litter trained.  Lola is microchipped. Lola Is human friendly and loves to be close to you.

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