How about adopting these 2 lovely female rabbits, they are a bonded pair. So they like to be in a hutch outdoors, or they like to run around the garden or even in the home. Both fun loving girls, looking for their forever home together. These 2 rabbits are very big and called Molly and Millie. Both are very human friendly. They love strawberries and vegetables


Muffin is looking for his forever home. Can you help? He loves a hop about in the garden and to be stroked. He likes his adventures around the garden and enjoys his food. Muffin is very human friendly


Hello all. My name is Fred, I am 6 years old and I have been neutered, and vet checked. I am now ready for my forever home. Would u like to adopt me? I love cuddles and I am partially sighted, so I could become completely blind later in my life. I love to run around the garden, but it has to be secure, so I can’t escape and get lost. I Love my food too


My name is Flopsy, As you can see, I love to be indoors sometimes, with my humans, and enjoy lounging around o the rug. I also like to be in the garden, where i can eat nice grass. I am a bit shy at first, but once i get to know you, i will be your friend for life, I love my food and hopping about in the garden.


How about adopting this cute rabbit. Patch is only 2 years of age, Patch loves his cuddles, enjoys having space to run around a secure area in the garden. He will come to you for food and treats. He loves; spring greens, celery, herbs, radish, kale and enjoys toys as well.