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History and Background

OUR H I S T O R Y...


Roxies Rescue began in January 2012; when Emma (the founder), purchased a Rottweiler puppy whom she named Roxie. Unbeknown to Emma, Roxie had come from a backyard breeder and required emergency veterinary treatment to save her life. With Roxie being so small and stuck in the vets on a drip, Emma used Facebook to update her friends on Roxie's progress. Before long little Roxie had such a following on Facebook that Emma created her own page, "Roxies Rescue"! Lots of well-wishers, followers, and rescue organisations joined and Emma soon became aware many other animals around the country were also in need of help. Slowly but surely Roxies Rescue grew in to a well established and respected animal rescue and still continues to grow and gather momentum today.

The good news is little Roxie recovered well from her traumatic start in life, and now not so little she still lives happily with Emma and her family.

Due to family commitments, Emma Brewin left Roxies. But now in the hands of Kate Olgeirsson, Roxies Rescue is moving forward.


We will keep Roxies Rescue flag flying and will help as many dogs and cats in great need. Other Admin members are: Alex Gamble,  Nicola Ekin,Paula Briers, Anna Mann, Lynda Richardson, Dani Greasley, Sammi B Ward, Who work day in and day out to save the life of a dog, cat, kitten and rabbits in need.



What We DO...


Roxies Rescue is an organisation set up to help cats and dogs in need of a new home and, where necessary, provide veterinary treatment.  The main aim of Roxies Rescue is to help coordinate foster care for animals that are looking for a home as this prevents them having to stay in kennels or catteries which can sometimes be very stressful for them. Whilst in foster care, their behaviour and temperament can be assessed so their chances of finding a suitable home and compatible family are maximised. During a stay in foster care, all our animals receive vaccinations, a microchip and are spayed or neutered. Flea and worm treatment is also administered where necessary. Here at Roxies Rescue, we also hold lots of stalls and events to raise funds and spread awareness of how owners can maintain good animal welfare for their pets. Dates & details of these events are always posted in the News & Events page on the website and also on our Facebook group.

Roxies Rescue is run entirely by volunteers, this ensures every available penny can go towards helping an animal in need. We also have an amazing network of regular supporters, without whom our work would be even tougher to carry out so we are eternally grateful to them!


ROXIES Animal Rescue helps to save stray dogs and cats through out the year. A stray dog in the pound only gets 7 days to be re-claimed by its owner or taken in by a rescue. If not, they are put to sleep.
we do have our first Kennel, but, We are now looking at purchasing land to have 30 kennels. Grooming parlour and a office as well as a shop.
We do have our first rescue shop. 6 Chapel street, Barwell, Leicestershire. LE9 8DD. So, if you have items to donate, then please contact us and we will arrange collection in the Leicestershire area.
If you wish to donate you can by send you donation too:


You can help Roxie's Rescue in a number of ways by FOSTERING, VOLUNTEERING, FUNDRAISING and MEMBERSHIP.

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